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Puerto Rican cuisine weaves a unique tapestry of Spanish, African, and Taino influences into every dish, creating a tantalizing fusion that's unlike any other.

Pumpkin Empanadillas
Peruvian Papa Rellena (Stuffed Potato)
Patacon Or Toston, Fried and Flattened Pieces of Green Plantains, a Traditional Snack Or Accompaniment in the Caribbean
Puerto Rican Tamales
Latino american main course mofongo with shrimps and broth close-up on a plate. horizontal top view

Nearby Recommendations - NE Coast

Wyndham Resort

0.25 Miles

Iguanas Cocina - Scenic dinner spot - Golf Clubhouse

Roots Coastal Kitchen - Farm-to-table Caribbean Comfort

5 o'Clock Somewhere Bar - Beach bar & food

Caicu Bar & Tapas - Good bar and live music


1.5 Miles

Great for breakfast/brunch, pizza, tacos

Mi Vida Cafe

1.5 Miles

Golf/sports bar, great burgers & cocktails

Frutera Flores

2.5 Miles

Great for smoothies, pastelillos and alcapurrias


5 Miles, 6 min

Great brunch spot

C Note Jazz Club

5.5 Miles

Fun spot near the beach with live music, cocktails & food. Check out their website for shows.

Rico Pan Bakery

1.25 Miles

Breakfast sandwiches, coffee, pastries


1.5 Miles

Great for sunsets, cocktails, tacos, music. Very laid back.

Degree 18 - Juice Bar

1.5 Miles

Great for smoothies & fresh pressed juices

Los Kioskos

4.5 Miles

Food Trucks in Luquillo: beach front with a variety of local street food & drinks, including empanadas, alcapurrias, and seafood.

#2 - La Parilla is really popular for PR cuisine.

Revolution - Great NY style pizza


5.5 Miles

On the beach, bar food, good cocktails live music

La Estacion

13 Miles

Great for Puerto Rican Food & BBQ

La Finca

19 Miles

Great for PR Cuisine. Awesome property with endless views and drive-in movie screen

Bacoa Finca + Fogón

34 Miles

A bit further, but worth it! Make reservations, if possible. Delicious Farm to Table on a beautiful property.

Arroz con pollo, spanish cuisine, white long grain rice with chicken and vegetables
ropa vieja
Bacalaitos en Piñones
Traditional Filipino Food - Lechon Kawali

Metro - Top Rated

La Placita

26 Miles

La Placita is known for its festive atmosphere, colorful buildings, and a wide array of dining and entertainment options. During the day, it operates as a traditional market where you can purchase fresh produce, seafood, and local goods. However, the real charm of La Placita comes alive in the evenings when it transforms into a vibrant nightlife hub.

La Casita Blanca

25 Miles

Puerto Rican, Traditional


26.5 Miles

Puerto Rican, Contemporary

Jose Enrique

28 Miles

Puerto Rican, Contemporary

1919 Restaurant

29 Miles

Farm-to-Table, Contemporary Puerto Rican

El Jibarito

29.5 Miles

Puerto Rican, Traditional


30 Miles

Contemporary Caribbean

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Ruta De Lechon

44 Miles

Get the crew together for a day trip to the lechoneras of Guavate.

Every weekend, the mountain town of Cayey receives droves of visitors, both locals and tourists, that come to enjoy traditional food, live music and dancing, and a party atmosphere in an area known as Guavate. Drive along Route 184 up the mountain where you'll find lechonera after lechonera serving slow-roasted whole pork (also chicken), heaping portions of rice and pigeon peas, yuca al mojo, mofongo, and other traditional Puerto Rican dishes. The lechón asado was declared a Puerto Rican gastronomic heritage.

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